Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some Personal Xbox Live Match Analysis for UMVC3

         Although the online realm of UMVC3 is one filled with a gelatinous, molasses type substance we all notoriously know as lag, there is still much that can be learned from online play. With the Peaceful Jay lobby always being full of high level players, it's not too hard to find some decent competition online. Dios X and Viscant are two top level players that have a very high amount of online play under their belt, proving that while online UMVC3 has its obvious faults, it's still a very valuable tool for a competitive player. Now, to the match analysis for the video below.

         In the beginning of the match I move back because I need space to set up my Dr. Strange with Dr. Doom assist teleport traps. He's also closing the distance because he, like most people, don't want to give Strange any room to set up his many projectiles. However, this is a mistake because Dr. Strange can fairly easily choose between an air throw at the start of the match or jump 6-frame Impact Palm. Both of these options can result in a dead character. If Strange chooses to kill off a throw, he must use meter and x-factor. However, X-factor isn't necessary if the Impact Palm connects because it is possible to build your meter up to 3 bars with Strange and his Flames of the Faltine Loop. This means that an option selected jump forward H (to get either an air throw or an  Impact Palm) at the start of the match can almost always lead to a 1 million plus damage combo. I didn't go for this in this instance though, because I'd rather go for the teleport mix-up than risk getting too close, especially on a player whose habits I'm unfamiliar with.

     @ 0:01 I choose to do the H teleport with Strange because I noticed he had Dr. Doom beam assist as well, so I didn't want to teleport onto the ground where I'd be in a good position to get hit by it.

     @ 0:22 he calls in Wesker and still doesn't kill the low life Dr. Strange. I'd suggest putting Dr Doom second so he could have made sure he could kill about a third of the cast if he ended his combo with Dr. Doom's up ball super instead of Maximum Wesker (Phantom Dance). If he wants Wesker second, he can always do Dr. Doom's Laser Fingers Hyper into Maximum Wesker to switch the order mid-match and also have a pretty safe way to get Wesker in without his glasses for the damage and speed boost.

     @ 0:32 he goes for the teleport mix-up with Wesker and Dr. Doom assist, but he does it a little late and I can tell he's going for it so I hold up back, hoping the beam will miss me and it does. Now that Wesker is not being covered by a beam and is directly underneath me, there is no reason not to go for S foot dive, I can still air dash to safety since I haven't used my airdash yet, but the foot dive connects. I activate X-factor not because I wanted to kill Wesker, I could've done that without X-factor, but because I wanted to kill his Wesker while also getting my own no glasses, X-factor Wesker with Dr. Doom assist on his next incoming character. My plan worked perfectly and I take out two characters in an instant. Activiating X-factor early was risky but crutial. Since I had already lost a character, I wanted to get as much momentum as I could to comeback, and that's what scrub-factor was made for.

     @ 0:50 I do the teleport set-up late because I'm aware Dante is coming in and can do air S into Hammer, delaying his hangtime to avoid the beam while also getting a chance to clock anyone underneath him. I wait for him to do Hammer on the way in, he double jumps instead, but it ends up putting him in the same situation anyways. I do this on aggressive Dantes, Wolverine, Zero, Dr. Doom, and Sentinel because of their strong incoming attack options.

     @ 1:04 I give myself time to confirm Dr. Doom's beam assist hit before I dash in and press neutral M into neutral H, this ensures that Wesker auto-corrects his attacks to the right direction. I know Wesker's level 3 will not kill him so I go for the mix-up which was a mistake that could have cost me. I already used my assist so it wouldn't be available for the mix-up and he still has X-factor. Because of these things I should have backed off after the OTG gunshot and only attacked whenever I had Dr.Doom's beam assist ready so he can't guard cancel X-factor and kill my Wesker.

     @ 1:36 I do a bad S foot dive because I already used my airdash to throw my finger lasers at the top of the screen. I couldn't safely airdash to the ground after he blocks my foot dive. Doom is very vulnerable after this, but luckily he doesn't punish me.

     @ 1:43 He does a Spear Flame Hyper, maybe by accident, but I know that it takes a second for the Spear Flame to come back down, just enough time for a normal throw. With Doom, I've gotta be very close to grab him in this situation, but if I had Wesker or Sentinel out, I could cancel a fairly far away dash into a command grab to get maximum damage.

     @ 2:04 I do a series of; green butter gun, land, super jump back up to him, air combo into foot dive, air dash into an attempted standing M OTG. All if this is combo-able, even at that high up on the screen, and even starting with the butter gun. While there are other characters that can land a hit at the top of the screen and convert it into a combo, Dr. Doom has one of the easiest times doing it. Air to air M with Dr.Doom can easily be confirmed into an air S foot dive. Although you may have already used your air dash so you can not make it to the ground as fast as your falling opponent, you still have enough time to triangle dash for the OTG. I miss it in the video, but it's still much easier than say, Magneto or Zero.

     The rest of the match is me making sure that I don't get underneath his Doom to get hit by a cross-up Foot Dive. I've got the life lead and meter to burn, so I burn it and force him to come to me. GGS.

     Well, that's a lot of info for one match, I could have put some more tidbits in there but I'm sure I already bored the hell out of the 2 guys that read this. I'll most likely do this again, so have you guys got any suggestions? Please leave a comment if you do and check more matches of me against this guy at my youtube channel here and I'll start streaming sometime soon on my new streaming account here.

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