Monday, January 28, 2013

UMvC3 - RoBoT SheKeiB (zero,wes,doom) vs BIFU Insaynee (wes,doom, ammy) ...

Droppin lightning loop on wesker can come back to haunt you. Doom gives wesker a nice beam to teleport behind and ammy gives wesker all the time he needs to set up his incoming mixups with command grabs. Also, wesker can combo off of the team super with ammy just like marlinpie does with doom, and insaynee still has doom to do that cheap stuff with if you somehow manage to kill wesker. Overall, it's a very solid team that even if you do snap in ammy and kill her, you'll have to deal with wesker and doom beam. Each pairing goes well together so losing 1 character isn't a big deal...(wes/doom, doom/ammy, wes/ammy)

This guy is a next level regular, probably the best place for east coast competition in both marvel and ssf4AE. Head out to NextLevel Arcade in NewYork next time you are there for the best in east coast fighting game competition.

Monday, January 14, 2013

UMvC3 - [HIGH LORD JILL] jsoledout1 (jill, frank, strid) vs RoBoTs (zero...

I learned the matchup a lot more as I played, it's fun playing against characters you don't see often, maybe that's why fighting games are usually the most fun in the beginning, when you have to learn all the matchups.
Check out my youtube channel for more at , I just got some nice phoenix wright matches up! You don't see high level vids of that character often.